Welcome to MADLEY...


MADLEY necklaces are fabric fashion jewelry designed to be worn by both mothers and daughters of all ages. Most are made of cotton or linen fabric and natural wood beads. They are each just a bit unique, since they were made by hand in Needham, Massachusetts!


MADLEY was created with a piece of fabric, some thread, and a mother daughter bond. My 6 year old daughter, Madison, loves fashion. I mean LOVES fashion. When she was 3 she would set out her outfits for the next day. Not only would she lay out the clothes, she would position the arms on the floor with the top she had picked and then add accessories in all of the appropriate places! As she got older, her wardrobe ideas crept outside of her bedroom walls and tiptoed into my room. She would sit at my vanity and try on all my necklaces while constantly begging to wear them. Of course, they looked ridiculous on her. They were all too big, too long, too grown up, and too expensive. Madison refused to wear the dozens of kid necklaces that overflowed from her dresser, claiming that they "weren’t real", were for little kids only, and that they did not look like mine. The idea to create a necklace line which was fashionable and appropriate for both mothers and their daughters came to life, and MADLEY was born!

With a sewing machine borrowed from my aunt, piles of fabric, and bags of wooden beads, our dining room was transformed into a miniature factory. I had not touched a sewing machine since I was 15, and yet it quickly became an old friend. Together we explored lengths, widths, textures and designs. We stayed up late, got into fights, and listened to great music while we crafted the material into each necklace. Soon after my uncle, who is an amazing photographer, offered to take some pictures of the pieces and my father-in-law volunteered to create a website. And then MADLEY went from dream to reality. I am truly lucky to have such wonderful support from family and friends.


The name MADLEY was chosen because it is a combination of my two daughters’ names, MADison and HaiLEY. We were careful to include my son, Jason, by sneaking in a J at the end of the logo. And the symbol beneath the logo represents my three children and the unbreakable bond that families possess. Each oval is its own and yet intertwined and dependent on the others.


MADLEY was created in an effort to celebrate the special moments shared between mothers and daughters. Moments to treasure; walks on the beach, trips to the park, a push on the swing. Memories that last forever; holding hands, singing songs, sharing smiles. We encourage you to savor these moments each day, and celebrate them with a MADLEY necklace!